2024 Summer Camps

THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our 2024 Camps!

Our 2024 camps are FULL and registration is now closed. Please check back next year. We will publish 2025 summer camp info at Spring Break.

Camp Descriptions:

Little Explorers (Age 3 to 6) 

One Day Camp:

May 29 Art of Nature Craft Day- Inspired by nature and the critters around us, campers can choose from several craft activities. 

May 30 Let’s Get Messy! Day- Campers get the chance to make a mess with a variety of mediums. Splat paintings, puffy paint, bubbles and more!

June 14 Goo, Slime & Dirt Day- Kids have fun making all kinds of messes! Mud, slime, puffy paint, oobleck, water play and more. 

July 19 Splash Water Day- This day is all about water! Sponge relays, wet snow balls, reusable water balloons and squirt bottles. 

Three Day Camp:

June 11-13 Little Explorers- Campers get an in-depth look at the ecosystems of the nature center. We will hike and explore the creek, the insect world, plants, trees, dirt and rocks.

July 9-11 All About Animals #2- Reptiles, Mammals and Birds are the focus of this camp including visits from live animals!

July 16-18 Young Naturalists- For each of the three days, campers focus on Plants and Trees, Mammals and Insects. We will search for specimens, keep a nature journal and have a ton of fun!

August 6-8 All About Animals- Please see above. If space is available, this camp can be repeated.

Big Explorers (Age 6 to 12) 

One Day Camp:

June 7 Creek Exploration 1 - Campers get wet and in the creek. We will conduct biological surveys and dive a bit into other data collection like chemical tests and water flow measurements.

August 16 Creek Exploration 2- Please see above. If space is available, this camp can be repeated.

Three Day Camp:

June 4-6 All About Animals- Reptiles, Mammals and Birds! This camp is full of live animal visits and learning all about our wild neighbors!

June 25-27 Survival Camp #1 - Learn all the essentials of staying alive! Fire starting, water filtration, first aid, and wilderness emergencies. Unless space allows, campers may only attend one week of Survival Camp. 

July 23-25 Survival Camp #2- Please see above.

August 13-15 Nature Craft Camp- In this camp, kids can make their own paint with natural materials, nature prints and clay creations.